transcosmos Releases a Voice Recognition Solution for Contact Centers

transcosmos inc. released "transpeech", a voice recognition solution as one of its contact center services . The company applied "AmiVoice" as a voice recognition engine of "transpeech" which is offered by its partner Advanced Media, Inc. Combining "AmiVoice" with transcosmos's know-how in operating contact centers, "transpeech" addresses clients' requests and challenges that are identified from an operations perspective. transcosmos aims to implement "transpeech" to 30 companies by the end of FY2018.

transcosmos released its voice recognition solution "transpeech". The one-stop solution which includes the implementation of an environment for voice recognition and operations services aims at driving improvement of contact center service quality and operations efficiency. To launch the service, transcosmos first sets up a specialized department which consists of experts that are well-versed in voice recognition technology and lets the team address clients' requests and challenges that are extracted from an operations perspective, and helps clients implement an environment for voice recognition that will take hold in the operations sites. Leveraging a large-scale environment offered by "AmiVoice", a voice recognition engine, clients can cut down initial development expenses by around 60% whilst reducing the time for implementation. transcosmos contact centers will promote the implementation of "transpeech" for clients that use its contact center operations services.

Below are the examples of challenges that "transpeech" can address;

  1. Risk Management -- By conducting call analysis and offering knowledge, "transpeech" prevents troubles and risks of delivering incorrect information to customers by detecting potential claims at an early phase and reminds agents to comply with talk scripts.
  2. Quality Control -- Its proprietary KPIs and BI dashboard visualize the evaluation of all calls and agents' actual performance and ultimately promote each agent to achieve their quality improvement target.
  3. Cost Saving -- "transpeech" optimizes time for after call work by analyzing inquiries and utilizing talk scripts. In addition, as it does not require system implementation every time, transcosmos offers the solution at the best possible price. 

transcosmos continues to accelerate its effort to implement "transpeech" whilst expanding its service areas. The company plans to release additional services that include showing agents the appropriate FAQ by the use of a conversation engine, creating a customer support log more efficiently with the use of a summarizing software, and visualizing customer frustrations and potential claims by the use of an emotion recognition system, all after conducting PoCs successfully.

transcosmos, in collaboration with its AI laboratory "Communication Science Lab" will work on developing new services that help clients further enhance their customer experience. The future services include an auto-evaluation model for "AI for auto-evaluating customer support quality" which combines voice recognition and machine learning technologies, and utilization of "DECode," transcosmos's proprietary DMP services, for personalized ad delivery by connecting it to conversation data, and more.

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