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Casting Workbook Launches Voice Service

Casting Workbook's Voice service offers a database and production platform for voice actors and the organizations that hire them.
Posted Nov 21, 2017
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Casting Workbook has launched Voice,a publicly searchable voice database for production companies, creatives, ad agencies, voice agents, and casting personnel.

"Working with the voice industry is our next great adventure, and we're loving the unique, talented people in it. As one of the top breakdown services in North America, we are leveraging Casting Workbook's suite of enterprise applications built originally for on-camera, and are expanding to a depth that a tech start-up will have difficulty matching in the foreseeable future," said Susan Fox, president of Casting Workbook, in a statement.

Voice by Casting Workbook will also include private and public voice jobs and breakdowns, submissions, scheduling, sharing, multiple roster administration, self-taping requests, proprietary script analysis, sides creation with watermarking, and a free self-taping app for actors for iOS and Android.

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