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ConvenienceWare Rolls Out GhostReader 2.0 TTS Solution for Mac

GhostReader 2.0 updatestext-to-speech authoring solution by adding speech tags and automatic language.
Posted Nov 11, 2014
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ConvenienceWare has released GhostReader 2.0, a text-to-speech solution that reads aloud text from any application running on Apple's Mac computers. The new version offers full playback control, zoom, and word highlighting for better reading support.

GhostReader can be used with Apple's built-in voices or with the Infovox iVox voices. Infovox iVox offers voices in more than 30 languages, including children's voices and character and specialty voices for fun and humor.

The solution allows users to import text in a variety of formats, including PDF, Word, plain text, and RTF documents. GhostReader includes formatting features, a pronunciation editor, and the ability to convert text to audio files for use in iTunes.

GhostReader is now available in two versions: GhostReader and GhostReader Plus. The Plus version provides a complete text-to-speech authoring solution by adding powerful speech tags and automatic language detection on top of the GhostReader feature set. Tags can be used to define each word, sentence, or paragraph to have its own voice and speech characteristics. This means that different voices, multiple languages and varying reading speeds can all be used within the same text.

"We are excited to release GhostReader 2.0. Working with existing GhostReader users enabled us to focus the design on users' needs. It has helped us create a solution that is easy to use, intuitive, and yet offers powerful features," said David Niemeijer, CEO and founder, ConvenienceWare, in a statement. "By combining the insights gained through user research and the innovations from our work in the assistive technology space, ConvenienceWare is committed to bringing convenient applications to a wide range of people looking for practical and creative solutions to use at work or in everyday life."

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