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Datatel Launches Project IVR Unleashed

WESTON, Fla. and TORONTO - Datatel launched a new initiative called Project: IVR Unleashed.
Posted Jan 23, 2007
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WESTON, Fla. and TORONTO - To help businesses prepare for a successful implementation of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) strategy, Datatel launched a new initiative called Project: IVR Unleashed.

Project IVR Unleashed is a collaborative resource dedicated to educating business leaders about the best utilization of IVR as part of their business operations strategy. The focus is not on the technical features and capabilities of IVR; it takes a business approach, discussing best practices and the sharing of implementation strategies that will result in successful executions. Datatel has brought together a panel, consisting of professionals across many industries, which have been involved in IVR implementations, and are willing to share their know-how and experience with IVR strategy executions.

Any business, organization, or individual can participate. The process for submitting questions is to have them reviewed and addressed by Datatel's panel of experts.

Once registered, participants will receive periodic updates, including best practice, access to interviews, case studies, and complimentary resources.

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