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DemandVoice Enters Speech Industry

Mark Rayburn has started a new speech company called DemandVoice, a standards-based IVR hosting service provider focused on operations, customer service, partnerships, and technology.
Posted Nov 1, 2005
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Mark Rayburn started DemandVoice, a hosting "pure-play" that does not write applications. Instead, it focuses on performance, capacity, reliability, availability, and security of the hosted IVR infrastructure.  It takes a partner-centric approach to growth by leveraging partnerships to be able to provide customers with increased capacity, faster time to market, increased diversity, and decreased risk. DemandVoice is headquarted in Atlanta.
Before creating DemandVoice, Rayburn most recently served as the director of advanced technology for CPT International where he introduced VoiceXML technology to the company and championed developing a standards-based voice hosting service.

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