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Emerging Technologies Solution Utilized by Etisalat

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMERATES - E-Mail Reader service available to individual subscribers to manage accounts using voice commands.
Posted Nov 1, 2003
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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMERATES - Etisalat has added a service for its individual subscribers through its E-Mail Reader service. Based on voice recognition technology, the new service will be available to all mobile and fixed line users in the UAE. It offers applications in English and Arabic languages for those who move frequently away from their offices and homes. Developed by Emerging Technologies, the new service allows users to give voice instructions to their handsets to manage e-mails. "It is a sophisticated, but user-friendly, service for the first time in the region," commented Mohammed Al Fahim, executive vice president for marketing at Etisalat. "People need no more to rush back to their offices, homes or the nearest Internet Cafes to check their inbox or make any e-mail correspondence. Now, the mobile phone has the solution to that." The new service will soon be available to all fixed and GSM and pre-paid 'Wasel" mobile users.
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