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Expresiv Technologies Announces Expresive Enterprise/MD Edition

Expresiv Technologies announced availability of the Expresiv Enterprise / MD product suite.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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Expresiv Technologies, the provider of speech recognition technology that works for medical documents, announced availability of the Expresiv Enterprise / MD product suite.

Expresiv Enterprise / MD is a modular suite of speech-enabled, transcription workflow management software and medical transcription services that supports the gamut of transcription requirements for a practice. With Expresiv Enterprise / MD, advanced speech-enabled technology can be mixed with traditional transcription services for a solution that is implemented in phases at the pace and comfort level that is right for everyone involved.

Expresiv Enterprise / MD combines the following components:

  • Instantaneous Speech Recognition solution MD Dictate PC, MD Dictate Server, and MD Dictate Assist.
  • A Web-based, Deferred Speech Recognition Platform called MD Dictate Net, which includes traditional transcription services for physicians that do not want to change the way they process their dictation. MD Dictate Net provides Medical Transcriptionists and MTSO Administrators with a speech-enabled solution on the backend that provides exceptional productivity improvements.
Expresiv Technologies also offers transcription services for organizations that are looking for a complete, turnkey solution from a single vendor.

With Expresiv Enterprise / MD, physicians can decrease transcription costs and turnaround times through instantaneous speech recognition to produce secure, accurate clinical documentation immediately without touching anything except a speech microphone. Group practices, clinics, hospitals, healthcare networks and medical transcription service organizations increase transcriptionist productivity through deferred, server-based speech recognition transcription services. Any or all components within the product family may be combined.

"Through Expresiv's years of experience in applying speech recognition technology to clinical documentation, we have learned that different providers require different approaches to their medical transcription. Expresiv Enterprise / MD enables healthcare organizations to have complete control over their entire clinical document management process using a low-risk, phased deployment approach, that not only meets the requirements of all of their providers but the transcription organizations," said Frank Reeves, president and CEO at Expresiv. "It's the safe choice for IT because every product within the suite is HL7-compliant, open and completely scaleable for seamless integration with Lifetime Clinical Record, Electronic Medical Record, Practice Management System or Hospital Information System."

Expresiv Technologies' "one-step-at-a-time" deployment approach is a key difference that reduces risk and increases physician adoption because doctors who do not want to change the way they produce or manage their dictation can continue using traditional transcription services as they always have. On the back end, medical transcriptionists realize productivity gains from speech-assisted technology. At the same time, physicians that normally dictate in their office or at a location with a PC available can adopt instantaneous speech recognition to achieve the productivity gains and cost savings.

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