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Genesys Software Verified by CT Labs

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Testing shows Genesys Outbound Contact software dialer version 6.5.1 meet selected criteria in the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule amendments.
Posted Nov 1, 2003
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc., a subsidiary of Alcatel (NYSE: ALA, Paris: CGEP.PA), confirmed that Genesys Outbound Contact software dialer version 6.5.1 has been tested and confirmed by independent testing organization CT Labs to meet selected criteria in the recently-announced Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Telemarketing Sales Rule amendments, and can be used to satisfy those requirements. "We at Genesys support any government regulation that increases and protects consumer privacy," said Nicolas de Kouchkovsky, Genesys senior vice president of marketing and business development. "As a member of the Direct Marketing Association, Genesys receives updated information on new FTC regulations and is able to anticipate necessary product updates." Genesys Outbound Contact was found to pass a series of CT Labs tests designed to verify compliance with specific new amendments of the recently implemented Telemarketing Sales Rule. In particular, CT Labs verified that Genesys Outbound Contact: delivers a three percent or less abandoned call rate; provides a pre-recorded message on calls not connected to an agent in two seconds; records all campaign call records to verify compliance with the three percent abandonment limit and made information easily available via standard reporting features; does not disconnect unanswered calls in less than 15 seconds or four ring cycles; complies with national and state "Do Not Call" lists; provides calling party information on outbound calls; enables adherence to Federal Trade Commission's time window of outbound calls, including time zone support; properly and promptly meets caller requests of "Do Not Call" from relevant campaigns; and adjusts outdialing of calls based on previous events based on changing call completion percentages "At Genesys' request, CT Labs conducted comprehensive testing of Genesys Outbound Contact," said Chris Bajorek, president of CT Labs. "In two separate staged test environments, Outbound Contact version 6.5.1 was found to pass all nine of our demanding FTC dialer regulations performance tests."
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