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Glenayre Announces General Availability of Versera Voice Services

ATLANTA - Glenayre Technologies, Inc. announced general availability of its Versera Voice Services suite.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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ATLANTA - Glenayre Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: GEMS) announced general availability of its Versera Voice Services suite, a modular speech-driven communications solution that offers voice-powered access and navigation of voice, fax and e-mail messages. Glenayre's Versera Voice Services suite adds the simplicity of spoken commands to messaging applications. "Messaging has always been the carriers' 'killer app', and bringing new speech-enabled revenues and services has to go through it," noted Mark Plakias, senior vice president of Voice & Wireless at The Kelsey Group. "Operators tell us they want open, modular systems from reliable suppliers, and Glenayre's Java-based off-the-shelf componentized solution is the first credible response to this growing demand. We view Versera as the template for what happens next in voice-activated services infrastructure." "Glenayre's Versera Voice Services suite is designed on an open, standards-based platform, making it one of the easiest and most cost-effective speech-powered solutions to deploy," said Rolf Madson, senior vice president of products for Glenayre. "Additionally, Glenayre collaborated with a wide- selection of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) partners, service providers and usability professionals to ensure that Versera Voice Services can be integrated in almost any network environment while promoting simplicity through a personalized and intuitive user interface." With applications in Glenayre's Versera Voice Services suite, subscribers can use voice commands to make calls, manage contacts in their address books and control their voice, e-mail and fax messaging applications. Services supported by the Versera Voice Services Suite are:
  • Voice Navigation (VNAV) of voice mail, e-mail and unified communications services

  • Dial by Voice -- voice-activated dialing (VAD)

  • Voice Control of address book
"Glenayre's Versera Voice Services solutions are poised to help service providers rapidly open new revenue streams with customizable speech-powered solutions," said Tim Moynihan, Director, Product Marketing, Network Building Block Division, Intel Corporation. "By using standards-based building blocks from Intel and a carrier grade operating system, Glenayre is taking an open, modular approach to voice services, ensuring that service providers can quickly deliver scalable products to customers seeking to maximize revenue." Glenayre's Versera Voice Services are built on the Versera Dynamic Architecture, an open, JAVA-based (J2EE) UNIX platform. The Versera Voice Services suite supports Intel(R) Carrier Grade Servers as well as Intel(R) Dialogic(R) voice boards.
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