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Google Adds Voice Search to Chrome

Users can search the Web and perform other functions with voice in Google latest Chrome release.
Posted Mar 3, 2014
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With the latest beta release of its Chrome Web browser, Google has added voice recognition capbitlities that allows users to ssearch by voice and speak commands that Google recognizes.

To get started, users open a new tab or visit Google.com in Chrome, say "Ok Google," and then start speaking their searches. They can also use voice for other functions, like  setting a timer, and even setting a reminder for Google Now.

Users of the latest Google Chrome beta can enable this new feature by going to the Google Web site, clicking on the microphone icon within the search box, and selecting the button that reads "Enable Ok Google."

This will be rolled out in the United States in English for users on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Support for additional languages and Chrome OS is coming soon.

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