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Healthcare Providers Choose SDC's IntelliSPEECH

MANCHESTER, NH - System Development Company of New Hampshire Inc. (SDC) announced that several hospitals are implementing SDC's IntelliSPEECH speech recognition auto-attendant.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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MANCHESTER, NH - System Development Company of New Hampshire Inc. (SDC), a supplier of speech recognition and enterprise directory solutions, announced that several hospitals are implementing SDC's IntelliSPEECH speech recognition auto-attendant. IntelliSPEECH speech-enables access to employees, physicians, patients and departments by saying the name. Installations are in process at the following healthcare providers: Stony Brook Hospital, Stony Brook, NY
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, Elmhurst, IL
Hallmark Health's Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, Melrose, MA
Hallmark Health's Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Medford, MA
Palo Alto Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA
St. Joseph Hospital, Nashua, NH

IntelliSPEECH auto attendant coupled with IntelliDESK PC-based consoles and Web Services integrate and access a single database to handle call volume and information requests whether it's via speech, operator assistance or web. With IntelliSPEECH the caller says the name of the person, patient, physician or department they need to speak with and the call is transferred. For in-house personnel the caller will receive the status of the person requested (out of office, on call, on vacation, etc) and will be offered multiple contact methods (extension, voicemail, pager, cell phone, etc.). Employees can change their status, set temporary 'reachable at' targets and more. Patients are connected by saying their name or room number which is enabled through an HL7 interface to the hospitals patient information system providing census information in real-time. If a caller needs additional help, an operator takes the call using the IntelliDESK PC-based console and executes the appropriate directory lookup to complete the call. Integrating on a variety of Siemens PBX platforms, the combination of applications increases the call handling capabilities of each facility up to 80%, eliminates calls in queue and impacts abandoned calls. IntelliSPEECH eliminates 50-70% of the routine calls to operators. Typical ROI is six months or less. Ann Pare, Director for Support Services, Melrose-Wakefield and Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Hallmark Health stated "IntelliSPEECH provides value to our facility and is dramatically changing the way we communicate within the hospital. We have even given our system a name, 'Holly Hallmark' for Melrose-Wakefield and 'Heidi Hallmark' for Lawrence Memorial. Feedback from our staff and management has been overwhelmingly positive. Letting IntelliSPEECH handle the simple answer and transfer of calls saves time, thereby allowing our operators to provide the help and support to those callers who need the guiding voice of a live operator. IntelliSPEECH and IntelliDESK allow us to enhance call handling services while enjoying a significant return on our investment." According to Mark Straton, Senior Vice President of Marketing at the Enterprise Networks division of Siemens ICN: "SDC has been a business partner since 1987 and continues to provide leading edge applications and support for our customers. IntelliSPEECH provides our clients with a seamless approach to new technology, while leveraging existing products and adding value added services." Joe Jarnutowski, President and CEO of SDC stated "Speech is the most natural form of communication. Healthcare providers have communication requirements unique to their industry and SDC is committed to providing solutions using speech and other leading technologies to enhance and streamline those communication needs."
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