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ISx Supports Launch of Sensis(R) 1234 Initiative with Latest in Information and Search Technologies

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - ISx FlexiQ platform enables Sensis to combine yellow pages(R) and white pages(R) systems to enable new services.
Posted Jul 1, 2004
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Information Services Extended, Inc. (ISx)(TM)  announced that it has supported the launch of the Sensis®1234 voice search service with deployment of ISx FlexiQ(TM).


Sensis®1234 is a premium operator-assisted voice service that allows callers throughout />Australia to get residential and business information from just one number. In addition, Sensis®1234 gives callers the ability to search and find a new level of enhanced information that will be expanded by Sensis over the coming months.


The FlexiQ implementation provide Sensis to incorporate advertising and information services across directories, voice, online and wireless channels, and electronic directories.


With technical support from ISx, Sensis is able to enrich its Yellow Pages® services with key word searches, offer nationwide White Pages® coverage and deliver new, comprehensive services rich in content and features and functions.


ISx is supporting the Sensis®1234 initiative with a call center solution that provides a new database with search capability, an easy-to-use operator workstation and the integration services that make it possible for Sensis to deliver information via short message services and to offer location-based services powered by Webraska Mobile Technologies. In addition, ISx has augmented its core FlexiQ platform with new capability to meet specific Sensis requirements for Yellow Pages® products, advertising and key word provisioning and the configuration necessary to enable complex searches and placement of content in DA delivery.

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