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Linkplay Partners with Bambu on AI-for-Audio

AI-for-audio is designed to help improve the audio quality of smart devices.
Posted Jan 8, 2018
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Linkplay Technology and Bambu Tech have partnered to introduce AI-for-audio technology to help smart-device makers significantly improve the audio quality of their products.

Through the partnership, Linkplay will offer Bambu's software-only Advanced Wave Sound Method (AWSM) on its WiFi module, applying adaptive intelligence to optimize inbound voice and outbound audio processing, restoring the fidelity to streamed or stored audio compromised by digital audio compression in any format, whether MP3s, AACs, or even CD-quality WAV files.

AWSM Ai Audio analyzes audio sample-by-sample in real time, anticipates what needs to be done to samples, and adapts to the dynamic millisecond-to-millisecond changes, details, and harmonics of sound, cleaning and restoring files individually and as they affect each other.

Last year, Linkplay became one of the first system integrators for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS). Its turnkey platform powers many products from companies like iHome, Jam Audio, Kitsound, Anker, FABRIQ, and others.

"With Ai Audio, Linkplay will be enabling branded [equipment and device manufacturers] in the rapidly growing wireless audio market to substantially differentiate their products," said Jade Wu, Linkplay's chief business officer, in a statement. "We know that's vitally important as the segment becomes more competitive."

"Until now, device manufacturers have had no choice but to resort to more expensive hardware," said  Bambu CEO Dayne Sieling in a statement. "But we can prove that software alone can deliver better audio quality, and cut [bill of materials] in the process."

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