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NSC's Engine Expands to Support Arabic

RISHON LEZION, ISRAEL - With the addition of Arabic language to speech recognition products, NSC can offer services to emerging markets in the Middle East.
Posted Nov 1, 2003
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RISHON LEZION, ISRAEL - NSC (Natural Speech Communication) announced its speech recognition products now provide support for the Arabic language. With the addition of Arabic to Hebrew and English, NSC's products support speech driven telephony services in Israel and the Middle East. Support for the Arabic language entailed building an extensive spoken database in the language. This included recording a large, representative database of Arab speakers of the Levantine dialect, spoken by Israeli Arabs, Jordanians, Lebanese, and Palestinians. A particular problem was collecting the colloquial spoken form of the language as used in everyday speech, and not the classical standard forms found in read speech. "The support for the Arabic language enables us to extend the capabilities we offer to our customers for developing speech driven telephony services," said NSC's CEO Dr. Ami Moyal. "The flexibility of NSC's products will allow the user to choose the language he/she would prefer to use in each call."
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