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NeoSpeech Partners with BorG

BorG sends text-to-speech for iPhones and iPads.
Posted Nov 14, 2013
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NeoSpeech, a text-to-speech software and speech-enabled solutions provider, has announced the inclusion of its text-to-speech voices as part of BorG Technology's SpeakText app suite.

BorG sends texts from a user's iPhone or iPad device, making language translations on the fly via Bluetooth sentence by sentence. The app also speaks more than 20 languages, with various male and female voices available according to the user's needs.

BorG's SpeakText Mini solution integrates the built-in NeoSpeech English language text-to-speech software engine that speaks English offline without an Internet connection. Optional high-quality HD voices in U.S. English, British English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are available via the Apple app store.

SpeakText also has new features, such as the ability to repeat, auto-repeat, and pause sentence and increase and decrease reading speed, including speaking the speed and pitch settings. To further enhance the communication capability, the SpeakText Mini app supports text sent by both Twitter and Facebook. The app can also email all translated text, sentence by sentence, as well as voice files with both voice in source language and translated language.

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