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NeoSpeech, Phontree Partner for a Full Range of Voice Messaging Services

NeoSpeech has partnered with Personal Communication Systems
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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NeoSpeech, a provider of voice-enabled solutions for hand-held, desktop and network/server applications, has partnered with Personal Communication Systems, manufacturer of PhoneTree telephone messaging systems, to license its text-to-speech (TTS) VoiceText technology for the PhoneTree 3500 family of products.

Through its partnership with NeoSpeech, the company will integrate the VoiceText technology for its telephone message systems that require a full range of dynamic information be read aloud. With the VoiceText TTS, for instance, a dental practice could use their PhoneTree 3550 to easily deliver appointment reminder messages with specific, detailed information customized for each patient on the daily call list, including time and date of the appointment, location, provider and more.

"The team at PhoneTree has a tremendous understanding of the quality and flexibility required by their customers, and they've done a superb job of delivering innovative voice solutions to meet them," says NeoSpeech CEO Lin Chase. "Because their users expect to hear a realistic voice in their messages, they're an ideal match for our TTS technology."

Through the partnership, PhoneTree accommodates a versatile range of computer capacity. It offers its customers the choice to install either a "full size" or "memory conservative" version of its software, depending on their available hardware. In addition, VoiceText allows PhoneTree customers to choose between male or female voices.

"VoiceText was easily our best choice for the text-to-speech functionality in our new PhoneTree 3500 products," says AJ DiBianca, PhoneTree President. "We tested other systems but none had the superior voice quality, performance, and flexibility that we found with VoiceText. We have already received many positive comments from our software partners and dealers, and expect that our users will be pleased with it as well. It gives our customers a new set of options previously unavailable to them."

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