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News Data Service Expands Radio Monitoring

The company adds more than 100 additional U.S. markets and 21,000 hours of programming.
Posted Apr 2, 2013
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Using advanced speech-to-text technology, News Data Service has expanded regularly indexed and searchable radio content to include an additional 100 U.S. markets with more than 21,000 hours of programming. This is in addition to News Data Service's TV, print, and online monitoring, content management, and analysis solutions.

"Clients have requested a better radio monitoring solution beyond the top markets and News Data Service has delivered," said David Vergin, vice president of sales and business development at News Data Service, in a statement. "As a result of the additional radio indexing, News Data Service clients are now able to search, report, and clip radio coverage in near real time from markets and stations that have never been indexed before. Clients will now be able to truly see the influence radio has in their media messaging mix."

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