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Nuance Launches Velocity Clinical Documentation Software

Nuance Velocity is a clinical documentation solution based on Dragon Medical technology for ambulatory care practices.
Posted Jun 9, 2016
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Nuance Communications has launched Nuance Velocity, a mobile clinical documentation solution that combines real-time speech recognition powered by Dragon Medical with Smart Templates and transcription services, accessible from a single, secure mobile app. 

With Nuance Velocity, physicians can shift documentation modes (speech-to-text, transcription, or touch-driven input). Clinicians  can access Nuance Velocity from their mobile device to document on the go.

New Smart Templates included with Nuance Velocity guide physicians through repetitive procedure notes. Tight integration with speech recognition ensures that free-form narrative is also captured to create a complete record of the patient story.

"Our physicians are collaborating closely with Nuance in the development and usability design of Nuance Velocity to ensure the mobile clinical documentation solution provides significant new advantages to ambulatory practices. It was important that this support complex, high-velocity clinical workflows, not only to improve physician productivity, but also improve documentation accuracy and quality," said William Whelehan, purchasing director at the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, in a statement. "Nuance Velocity can deliver these advantages with the added value of Smart Templates that use dynamic prompts to guide the physician through the documentation process to improve content and maintain momentum."

"We realize that today's ambulatory practices have unique clinical workflows, and these once forced physicians to choose between documentation methods, losing time and efficiency in the process," said Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager of Dragon and clinical documentation at Nuance, in a statement. "As the leader in clinical documentation solutions with more than 500,000 clinician users, Nuance is uniquely qualified to create innovative solutions that improve the physician experience. Nuance Velocity provides physicians with one optimal environment that caters to the immediate needs of the physician and patient care."

Nuance healthcare solutions touch more than 300 million patient stories each year, supporting more than 500,000 clinicians and 10,000 healthcare facilities worldwide.

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