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Rubidium Powers Voice-Triggered Headphones with Alexa Interface

Rubidium's software enables an always-on voice user interface.
Posted Dec 20, 2017
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Rubidium, a developer of embedded voice user interface technology, has integrated its voice trigger technology into the 66 Audio PRO Voice wireless Bluetooth headphones with built-in Amazon Alexa.

Rubidium ported its always-on speech recognition engine to the Qualcomm Bluetooth chip series as well as to other chips and cores, offering a tiny footprint, highly robust voice wake-up and speech recognition for mobile and wearable applications. It can even run while a headset is playing music, including support for Qualcomm aptX and AAC world-class music codecs.

"While in recent years voice wake-up has become a hot topic, Rubidium began deploying it in mass products over 15 years ago," said Shlomo Peller, CEO and founder of Rubidium, in a statement. "Combining this vast experience with our unique speech recognition technology has enabled us to come up with such a miniature engine without compromising performance."

"Rubidium's trigger showed unprecedented trade-off between footprint and performance," said Kristian Kay, founder and CEO of 66 Audio, in a statement. "PRO Voice runs a sophisticated set of algorithms while maintaining low power consumption and communicating in real time with our native iOS and Android app MotionControl. Our team worked closely with Rubidium to deliver an extraordinary voice experience to our customers."

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