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Rubidium Releases Dutch ASR and TTS Package

Dutch language release is available now as part of Rubidium's European language pack.
Posted Jun 19, 2013
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Israeli-based Rubidium, a supplier of embedded speech processing technologies, has released its integrated Voice User Interface (VUI) engine for the Dutch language, encapsulating automatic speech recognition (ASR), hands-free voice Trigger, text-to-speech (TTS) and playback of compressed speech prompts (CSP). The company’s Dutch language release is available as part of Rubidium’s European language pack.

"Using our unique language-independent development methodology we can create new language packs within a very short time, allowing our customers to capitalize on their opportunities as quickly as possible," said Shlomo Peller, CEO and founder of Rubidium, in a statement. "We plan to continue releasing more languages. We welcome every challenge for any language, application or feature set. Be it a smartphone, a Bluetooth headset or car-kit, a TV, a tablet computer, or any other consumer device, we offer a swift development cycle for any set of languages and any functionality."

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