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Tact.ai Launches CRM Skill for Alexa for Business

The Tact.ai Sales Assistant Skill for Amazon for Business lets companies develop a conversational interface for CRM and productivity solutions.
Posted Dec 4, 2017
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Tact.ai, providers of a sales experience platform, has released the Tact Sales Assistant Skill for Amazon Alexa.

Selected as a launch partner for Alexa for Business, the Tact Skill unlocks a conversational and bi-directional interface into CRM and business apps like Salesforce.com, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Exchange.

The Tact Sales Assistant Skill uses Alexa Voice Profiles, providing authentication and personalized experiences when Alexa recognizes the user's voice.

The Tact Skill can be set up through the new Alexa for Business App Store or users can create private, pre-configured, and fully customizable Skills set up to understand company-specific commands and conversations. This allows IT organizations to offer employees a secure, managed, voice-controlled way to access corporate information from systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, LinkedIn, Exchange, and more.

"Edge computing is fundamentally changing the way we interact with machines; from humans having to understand machines, to machines understanding what we need and having the ability to fulfil it," said Chuck Ganapathi, founder and CEO of Tact.ai, in a statement. "We're excited to collaborate with the AWS Alexa team to bring to market a more natural and productive way for salespeople to work. With Tact for Alexa, CRM and other enterprise software now conforms to the user, no longer the other way around."

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