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Telephonetics launches the latest version of ContactPortal

BRIGHTON, UK - Telephonetics announced theavailability of the latest version of ContactPortal This version has anumber of new features for larger corporations with multiplesites.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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BRIGHTON, UK - Telephonetics, the computer telephony and speech recognition specialist, announced the availability of the latest version of ContactPortal, a speech recognition solution. This version has a number of new features for larger corporations with multiple sites. ContactPortal answers, transfers and makes telephone calls. It also allows staff to filter out calls and to be found wherever they're working - all by spoken voice. Among the latest customers for ContactPortal is Gloucestershire NHS Trust - who are now using a fully fault tolerant networked version, across all the county's hospitals and Primary Care Trusts (PCTs). "Aimed at the corporate market, ContactPortal® can be partitioned and acts like multiple independent systems. Each partition is effectively a separate contact database. This is a particularly useful tool for organisations that are spread over many sites", said Paul Welham, sales and marketing director of Telephonetics. "The system also does away with the need for expensive phone directories as a company's phone numbers/extensions are held securely in the system database", he added. Among the new features that have been added to ContactPortal is the ability to route callers, based on their geographic location, using CLI. In the case of Gloucestershire NHS Trust, this means that ContactPortal can identify where a caller is calling from and transfer him/her to the nearest hospital. Another key feature is the improved pager integration. Staff can page colleagues by spoken voice without the need to say who they are or when and where they are calling from, as the system will automatically forward their identity and location to the recipient. This enables staff to communicate in a quicker and more efficient way - in the case of Gloucestershire NHS trust, ultimately providing better care to patients and potentially helping to save lives. There is no limit to the numbers of 'contacts' that can be associated with a person on the system (home, mobile, desk, etc). ContactPortal allows users to make changes to the system without the need for complex programming and can be administered securely via a web-based package and a unique telephone interface. Other enhancements made to the system include: -DDI integration - Companies who want to retain their investment in DDI can now have the features of ContactPortal, including filtering and forwarding calls. -Call Loggers integration with most major manufacturers - Enabling companies to log all inbound and outbound calls, thus allowing them to monitor phone usage. -Integration with major brands of corporate and mobile phone voicemails - If an employee asks the system to forward all his calls to his mobile phone, but does not wish to have messages left on it, ContactPortal will revert the calls back to the office voicemail if they are not answered in person on the mobile. Synchronisation - ContactPortal will synchronise its contact information with any relevant corporate data source that is capable of exporting a .CSV file, such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory or corporate intranet systems Based on Telephonetics' COP technology, the ContactPortal combines the functionality of a Corporate Operator and secretary into a "Contact Manager". Using industry standard information technology, it can be integrated with any make of PBX, using DPNSS or QSig digital protocols.
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