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TranscribeMe Partners with Vadacom

Collaboration enables enterprises to analyze audio content.
Posted Nov 9, 2012
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TranscribeMe, a hybrid voice-to-text technology company, and Vadacom, a New Zealand–based UC and IP telephony solutions provider, announced a partnership that enables enterprises to communicate, share, analyze, and search audio content.

TranscribeMe offers speech-to-text, speaker identification (speaker separation), time coding, and keyword analysis. Vadacom is a provider of open standards–based IP telephony solutions for business. Their products and services utilize open VoIP technology to deliver advanced solutions. Effective immediately, this partnership enables Vadacom providers to use TranscribeMe services, seamlessly enhancing both product offerings.

"This is great news for companies using unified communications technology who want to make audio files useful simply and easily," the companies said in a statement. "With the rise of telecommuting, more and more companies are producing valuable audio content over the phone. Enterprises are increasingly moving to IP telephony and VoIP to manage telecommunication costs and promote efficient communications. Concurrently, companies seek to capture and use this valuable audio to increase sales as well as maximize operational efficiencies."

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