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UTOPY Partners with Polaris Vanguard

Company will resell, implement, and support Utopy solutions in the Philippines.
Posted Nov 24, 2009
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Utopy, a provider of customer intelligence and performance optimization solutions powered by speech analytics, today announced a strategic partnership with Polaris Vanguard, a leading Philippines-based service provider that specializes in the design and implementation of analytics products. Under the agreement, Polaris Vanguard will resell, implement, and support UTOPY’s speech analytics solutions throughout the Philippines.

“We are very excited about our partnership with UTOPY,” said James Griffin, president of Polaris Vanguard and director of the BPO Quality Council of the Philippines. “This is the technology that we all had been hoping for. With UTOPY, we now have the insights we need to really drive process improvement in our contact centers.”

As the Off-shoring Destination of the Year for 2009 (as recognized by the 6th Annual National Outsourcing Association in October), the Philippines BPO industry is projected to grow by about 20 percent in 2009 according to the World Bank and is set to pass 500,000 employees in early 2010. The demand for contact center performance optimization solutions tailored for outsourcers such as UTOPY’s Speech Analytics solutions continues to rise in the Philippines.

“UTOPY has capabilities that are very far beyond anything we had seen before from the usual group of vendors in that space. You can clearly see exactly how you would use it to drive increased sales, to lower operating costs and/or to improve CSAT indices. Definitely, our clients have been completely amazed at where the technology is at today with UTOPY. The linkage to drivers of ROI is now very clear,” said Griffin. “UTOPY was able to demonstrate orders of magnitude higher detection rates at the same or better accuracy than other final-round options. Once you understand the differences in the underlying technology, it is easy to understand why this could be so. It is very impressive and very logical.”

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