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Voci Technologies Introduces Advanced Voice-Based Biometrics Solution

Voci says new technology makes it easy to develop apps to prevent fraud, safeguard privacy, and improve customer experience.
Posted Dec 11, 2018
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Voci Technologies, a speech analytics platform provider for enterprises, launched a solution that empowers users to leverage voice biometric technology however they choose–from passive verification to active authentication. The solution, which features an open application programming interface (API) for custom development, stands apart by making state-of-the art voice biometrics technology easy for companies to use, implement, and integrate with their existing solutions. This technology can be used to prevent fraud, safeguard customer privacy, improve the customer experience, support e-discovery efforts, and many other applications.  

While most solutions provide active authentication technology, which requires customers to participate in the process by stating their name or a specific passphrase, or spoken password, Voci’s technology takes it one step further. In addition to supporting active authentication, Voci’s new biometrics solution also enables passive verification–validating the speaker’s identity regardless of what he/she says. It is optimized to handle the challenges of telephone-quality speech.

Voci’s new technology can be deployed as a standalone solution or integrated with Voci’s advanced transcription technology, combining biometrics with a user-defined passphrase to provide additional authentication security. Voci's solutions address the combined speech and voice recognition market, which is estimated to reach $31.82 billion by 2025.

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