Verint Launches Automated Verification, a Robotics Process Automation Solution to Eliminate Manual Testing of Communications Systems

Verint Systems Inc. announced the launch of its patent-protected Automated Verification solution to monitor the end-to-end health of communications systems. The solution is part of the company’s broader set of Workforce Engagement offerings.

Verint Automated Verification is a new, advanced robotic process automation (RPA) application that brings to customers a large team of “virtual engineers” to help eliminate time-consuming and incomplete manual testing of communications systems. Today’s communications infrastructure environment is complex, and many organizations don’t have the highly-skilled technical resources that are required to proactively manage it. When a problem is eventually discovered, accurate diagnosis requires skilled employees to examine the installation, configuration, and maintenance of multiple systems. Verint’s solution proactively alerts the organization to possible issues, potentially saving man-weeks of time and effort often experienced with today’s manual processes.

In addition to contact center applications, the new solution can improve compliance in back office and financial trading applications. Using Verint Automated Verification, a financial services organization improved its adherence to voice recording regulations, reduced fines, and saved more than 10,000 hours of manual effort by automating the monitoring of its communications infrastructure.

Verint’s solution uses intelligent automation to eliminate some of the most common inefficiencies that drain IT resources in the contact center. Features include:

  • Automated System Check  Begins each day automatically identifying the products and versions across the telephony system and applies the correct tests to ensure that a call that comes in on the switch travels across applications and is recorded as expected. It then surfaces the changes and provides alerts to software issues on the system dashboard. This eliminates the need for highly-skilled resources to continually monitor applications, rewrite tests to reflect upgrades, update alerts or identify potential root causes for failures.
  • Efficient Operations Check  Provides “walk-the-floor” audio quality testing at the last stop on a call’s journey, ensuring individual platforms, recorders and handsets are delivering calls in an auditable fashion. It enhances the efficiency of what was a completely manual and incomplete process, moving from spot checks to automatic testing of each line.
  • Real-Time Policy Check  Monitors and compares every live call with the recording, identifying configuration issues in real-time, surfacing any errors early for quick remediation and ensuring compliance with SLAs or regulations.

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