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VoiceTrust Moves Operations to Canada

Shift follows acquisition of Canadian firm.
Posted May 20, 2013
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VoiceTrust, the Netherlands-based voice biometrics technology and mobile payment solutions provider, announced that it is shifting its operational headquarters to Canada.

The Dutch company has offices in Germany, the United States, Dubai, Pakistan, and Canada, and is majority owned by Ramphastos Investments. Last year VoiceTrust acquired Canadian technology firm Perceive Solutions, and established an exclusive R&D relationship with Montreal-based CRIM, a biometrics research facility.

VoiceTrust will operate out of both Toronto and Montreal and will add full-time positions on both the technical and commercial sides effective immediately.

"With growing demand for robust and highly secure remote authentication in private and public cloud applications, contact centers, and mobile payments, voice biometrics technology has become the obvious choice,” Tariq Habib, CEO of VoiceTrust, said. “The outlook for 2013 is very exciting for VoiceTrust and the voice biometrics community as a whole."

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