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VoiceVault Signs Reseller Agreement with VAS

Voicevault a has signed a reseller agreement and formed an alliance with VAS (Voice Application Specialists) International.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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Voicevault, developer of voice verification, has signed a reseller agreement and formed an alliance with VAS (Voice Application Specialists) International, specialists in the application of voice services.

VAS International has developed a series of applications using the voice and other hardware devices and by virtue of the reseller agreement will now market and promote Voicevault's services in the US market. In addition to the reseller agreement, Voicevault, VAS and ViewSonic have also formed an alliance to deliver a U.S. patent-pending process for identifying individuals and monitoring their locations through the use of voice verification. Combining these capabilities, these partners will collectively deliver V3ä (visa voice verification), an application that offers border and transportation security, domestic counter terrorism, protecting critical infrastructure and defending against catastrophic threats. "

Voicevault's technology coupled with VAS's expert knowledge and networking potential will help us to reinforce our position in the US market. We are very excited about the opportunities that this is going to present us with" said Vance Harris, CTO of Voicevault.

"Entering into this partnership agreement with Voicevault clearly sets the stage for our company to move forward with the products and the services we have and the new patent we are undertaking. After nine months of developing our application, we wanted to be sure we positioned ourselves with a world-class leader in voice verification who was leading the charge and Voicevault was the best choice," said Marc Nolan, President/COO of VAS International. "By using Voicevault's solid infrastructure that supports our new global product offering, and the multiple levels of security to back them up, our customers will be more readily served to show how voice verification truly fits into their functional business needs while addressing the technical issues."

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