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Vuzix Provides Business and M300 Smart Glasses Update

More speech enhancements make Vuzix M300 smart glasses usable to more sectors.
Posted Feb 14, 2017
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Vuzix, a supplier of video eyewear and smart glasses, has updated its M300 Smart Glasses with new features, including advanced voice control, updated sound support with speech recognition from Sensory, and improved barcode scanning. Over-the-air software updates are also now fully enabled, along with advanced power and thermal management features not available in previous versions.

In addition to software improvements, Vuzix made a series of mechanical and electrical improvements, including tougher ruggedization performance, improved thermal management, and more robust cabling for greater reliability.

The M300 is now certified to ship into Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand, with certifications in other global target markets expected by the end of the quarter. Vuzix is expecting to build and ship at least 1,000 M300 units to customers in the current fiscal quarter.

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