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speechvantage Launches OLIVE

HORSHAM, PA - speechvantage announced the release of its OLIVE Suite of speech-enabled applications.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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HORSHAM, PA - speechvantage, a packaged and custom speech applications and services provider, announced the release of its OLIVE Suite of speech-enabled applications. OLIVE, which stands for On-Line Interactive Voice Exchange, is a suite of business applications that can be customized within IT and Telephony environments to help improve customer service and reduce operational expenses. The applications have already been installed with a number of current clients that include Day-Timers, Inc., GE Betz, Ann Taylor, GSK, Astra Zeneca (UK Office), University of Pennsylvania and Bank of Nova Scotia "OLIVE is a real time saver, especially when you're trying to locate someone who has transferred," said Dave Hutchinson, Director or Facilities, at GE Betz. "Overall, it's a faster, easier way for employees to access each other, and our customers find it much easier to get the service they need. This system has helped to reduce call center staff by 80% and also reduced overall operational costs. This clearly differentiates us from our competitors and has provided unparalleled value within the organization." The OLIVE Suite includes the following applications: -The OLIVE Voice-Activated Outlook & Lotus Notes reads and replies to email messages over any phone, adds unified messaging to desktops allowing voice messages to be sent as email notifications. -The OLIVE Speech-Enabled Auto Attendant acts as an automated receptionist that can answer calls 24-hours/day, 365 days/year saving time for callers and reducing the need for additional operators. -The OLIVE Voice-Activated Emergency Contact List eliminates the need to search for telephone numbers and update critical contact lists. -The OLIVE "Passworks" Speech-Enabled Password Reset System is a user-friendly speech security solution that enables individuals to automatically unlock or reset passwords on WinNT/2000 log on accounts, utilizes voice biometric verification technologies and reduces the number of calls to an internal IT Help Desk. -The OLIVE Voice-Activated Dialing System eliminates the need for users to create and update extension lists. "After a number of successful implementations, we are proud to be announcing this suite of applications that is helping to revolutionize the way individuals conduct day-to-day business transactions," stated Chetan Patel, CEO, speechvantage. "With our team of highly skilled engineers, speechvantage has developed an extensive customer support program to ensure the seamless integration and ongoing, optimum performance of every component of the speech application solution."
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