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Avaya Enhances UC with Voicemail-to-Text Listen to this article in TTS, powered by Loquendo

Avaya, Mutare, and SpinVox team to deliver the first-of-its-kind solution for corporate environments.
By Leonard Klie - Posted Nov 12, 2008
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Workers can now read their voicemail messages on their mobile devices or computers with a new speech-to-text solution available as part of a solution jointly developed by Avaya, SpinVox, and Mutare Software.

The solution, released by Avaya earlier this week, converts voicemail messages into text delivered as an email message along with the name, email, and phone number of the sender and an optional attachment with the original voice file.

Business users can read, prioritize, and respond to a voicemail at any time from any email-enabled device or smartphone. The converted messages can be saved and searched by the employee or business for future reference.
The solution is available for Avaya Modular Messaging and includes Mutare Software's EVM1 gateway and SpinVox’s speech-to-text messaging service.

“Mutare provides the enterprise gateway into the company’s network. SpinVox does the [voicemail-to-text] message conversion in its hosted environment and passes it back through the Mutare gateway,” explains Steve Hardy, director of unified communications solutions and product marketing.

“To be able to take messages from Avaya Modular Messaging systems and run them as text streamlines the way users manage their messages,” Hardy says.

The solution, which works with any email system and connected mobile device, is available now in North America through authorized Avaya channels. Supported languages include English, French, German, and Spanish.
Mutare and SpinVox are members of the Avaya DevConnect program, which promotes the development, compliance testing, and co-marketing of third-party products that are compatible with Avaya solutions.

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