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July 18, 2012


Forward Thinking

Job Descriptions for Personal Assistants

Radar O'Reilly is a tough act to follow.

Speech Technology Digest

CallMiner Upgrades Analytics Solution

Vervsion 9.0 delivers VoC insights.

Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Launches Nuance Voice Biometrics Solution

Nuance VocalPassword delivers automated password reset applications to employees.

Horizon Private Cloud Partners with Voice Automated

Cloud-based service helps healthcare and legal businesses use voice recognition services from the cloud.

Carnegie Speech Takes Its Language Learning to Dubai

The speech-enabled English language learning tool will be used to train students and employees in the United Arab Emirates.

Speech Technology News Features

StrikeForce and TradeHarbor Announce First "Three-Factor" Voice Verification Solution

The partnership has yielded a new level of cyber security assurance for online transactions.

Calabrio Unveils Web 2.0-Based Speech Analytics Solution

Suite transforms call recordings into searchable data.

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