CallMiner Upgrades Analytics Solution

CallMiner has announced the availability of Version 9.0 of its flagship Eureka! Solution, which offers a new set of features called "myEureka" that enable personalized portal functionality delivered directly to users.

"Until now, contact center analytics has been the preserve of dedicated analysts," said Scott Kendrick, vice president of products at CallMiner, in a statement. "MyEureka is the first solution of its kind. It pushes actionable business intelligence insights directly into the workplace, to the people who need and can act on it in real time. MyEureka delivers relevant data to stakeholders at every level: the vice president who manages contact centers and/or business processing outsourcing, the supervisor who manages a team of agents, and to agents themselves, to provide direct feedback on performance and where improvement is needed."

CallMiner delivers contact center analytics solutions for improving sales effectiveness, driving positive customer experience, and monitoring compliance with laws and regulations affecting contact centers.

"We've heard a lot from our customers about the need for rolling out pervasive business intelligence across their business, and for delivering a deeper solution that distributes insights and directly empowers people to take action," said CallMiner president and CEO Terry Leahy in a statement. "Analysts and customers have complained often that strictly analyst-focused workbench solutions simply aren't going to cut it anymore. In this new release, the analytics the enterprise relies upon are delivered directly out of the system in a simple, easy to understand solution."

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