StrikeForce and TradeHarbor Announce First "Three-Factor" Voice Verification Solution

StrikeForce Technologies, creators of out-of-band authentication and anti-keylogging keystroke encryption, today announced a strategic partnership with TradeHarbor, a provider of voice verification software, to create the industry's first "three-factor" voice verification solution.

The new multi-factor solution meets the highest level of regulatory compliance by combining all three critical factors: who you are, what you have, and what you know, over a mobile device.

"Combining voice verification and out-of-band authentication together to help prevent online fraud was a natural integration waiting to happen," said Mark L. Kay, CEO of StrikeForce, in a statement. "We can now offer a higher level of security with choices at a fair price."

Three-factor voice verification is ideally suited to protect the industries that most appear in the crosshairs of hackers, including banking, financial services, healthcare, online retail, government, pharmaceuticals, education, and utilities.

"This combined offering is a ground-breaking new approach to authentication that provides a level of accountability that has not been available before," noted Paul Heirendt, CEO of TradeHarbor. "With the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile applications, enterprises need strong multi-factor authentication and accountability to provide the security for BYOD, which allows users to access sensitive data on their own devices."

The solution, available as a Web service, enables an enterprise to offer its customers a consistent authentication experience across all of its business units and on any of its platforms. Each verification interaction produces a legally-binding voice signature combined with out-of-band authentication, which includes an audit trail to mitigate repudiation by the person being authenticated.  

"It provides a consistent user experience and has proven to add high security while providing increased convenience and flexibility," Heirendt said. "Since this total three-factor voice authentication solution is provided as software-as-a-service, it minimizes capital expenditures, minimizes internal development resource requirements and time to market, and boosts the ROI resulting from cost savings and customer acquisition and retention."

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