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Speech Analytics Keeps Green Mountain Coffee Grinding

Calabrio ONE's speech and desktop analytics turn unstructured data into usable information.
By Michele Masterson - Posted Feb 10, 2014
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Founded in 1981 as a small cafe in Waitsfield, VT, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has grown to become an industry force, with an employee base that now numbers 6,250. The company is best known for pioneering the concept of single coffee cups, also known as K-Cups, that are used in brewing systems manufactured by Keurig, which Green Mountain acquired in 2006.

In addition to offering its own coffees and teas, the company has partnered with leading food companies to make and distribute brands including Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Celestial Seasonings, Newman's Own, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril's, Snapple, Swiss Miss, Tetley's, Tully's, Gloria Jean, and Eight O'Clock coffee. Green Mountain continues to expand, and, in September 2013, inked a contract with Campbell's to offer fresh-brewed soup K-Cup packs.

As the company, still based in Vermont, has grown, it has seen an increase in the number of calls coming into its contact center, and today employs 230 agents in eight locations to handle them. In 2009, to help meet the challenges brought by business growth, Green Mountain selected Cisco's Unified Workforce Optimization Suite, which Calabrio developed for Cisco.

"In our selection process, we had three goals in mind. [We needed] a product that was easy to use, that had solid integrations into our Cisco infrastructure, and that had a feature set that exceeded our current needs," Green Mountain network engineer Nate Isham says.

In 2011, as the company grew, it needed to integrate WFO functionality into multiple installations of the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, with an eye on replacing these systems with Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise.

"At that point, we made the switch to the Calabrio branded version," Isham says. "Our three original goals were still being met, and with the explosion of new features, additional integration methods, and the product [becoming] easier and easier for the end users and technical folks to use and maintain, it continues to be [right] for us. The only way to drive adoption of the technology is to be easy for the business users," he acknowledges. "Otherwise, it won't be used."

In 2012, Green Mountain once again turned to Calabrio to stay ahead of the curve.

"We didn't have a set of problems we were trying to fix, but were looking for ways to better use the investments we already had made in our quality management program, and to use the unstructured big data that we were creating," Isham says.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters used Web 2.0–based Calabrio ONE Speech Analytics software, part of the Calabrio ONE Suite that includes call recording, workforce management, quality management, and speech, desktop, and text analytics. Calabrio Speech Analytics automates voice searches, so quality and compliance teams spend substantially less time on review and significantly more time making an impact on the business. The newest version of the Calabrio ONE suite also includes several improvements to Calabrio Workforce Management and Calabrio Quality Management applications, including more language options and serviceability enhancements.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters chose Calabrio Speech Analytics to turn unstructured data created with call recordings into structured data so that it could analyze and discover trends, allowing it to take action on its findings.

Isham pointed to specific improvements that speech analytics provided, such as giving Green Mountain the ability to structure

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