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Skype Translator Trials to Start Soon

Microsoft is now taking pre-registrations for Skype Translator.
Posted Nov 11, 2014
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Microsoft last week began taking pre-registrations for a preview of its Skype Translator. This initial preview will only be available for Windows 8.1 devices and above and will only support selected languages.

Skype Translator combines Skype as a global communications platform with the translation power of Microsoft Translator. It allows users to converse with people around the world in foreign languages in near real time. They just speak into the Translator in their native languages and the other people will hear the messages instantly in their own native languages. Skype Translator Preview will also support instant message translation between all the languages supported by Microsoft Translator.

Skype Translator uses deep neural network-based machine learning voice recognition technology and integrates it with Microsoft Translator's advanced automatic translation service.

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