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West Virginia University Health System to Implement M*Modal Solutions

WVU Medicine chooses M*Modal's cloud-based documentation platform for its speech and real-time cognitive technologies.
Posted May 8, 2017
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M*Modal, a provider of clinical documentation solutions, will provide WVU Medicine with its artificial intelligence-enabled documentation platform for its 1,500 physicians. WVU Medicine, comprising nine hospitals and multiple physician practices, is in the midst of deploying the Epic EHR system. M*Modal solutions will help clinicians at WVU Medicine dictate into their Epic system, both in inpatient and outpatient care settings.

With this strategic partnership, WVU Medicine will use M*Modal solutions to empower both its front-end physician users and back-end medical editors transcribing more than 25 million lines annually. The M*Modal speech-enabled documentation platform includes both M*Modal Fluency Direct, and M*Modal Fluency for Transcription.

"We expect M*Modal CAPD to significantly reduce time-consuming, retrospective physician queries that are very disruptive to clinicians and labor intensive for nurses and CDI specialists," said James Venturella, vice president and chief information officer at WVU Medicine West Virginia University Health System, in a statement. "We are excited to leverage the M*Modal real-time natural language understanding technology to bring clinical documentation improvement (CDI) to the front-end documentation workflow in Epic, which will free up back-end resources, improve chart documentation, support more appropriate reimbursement, and deliver a significant return on investment."

"We are proud to serve as a collaborative partner to West Virginia University Medicine to deliver next-generation documentation solutions with an extensible technology framework for a growth-enabling documentation strategy," said Michael Finke, president of M*Modal, in a statement. "Given our fully-aligned goals of improving the physician documentation experience, freeing up physician time for patient care and meeting organizational objectives on better clinical, financial and operational outcomes, we look forward to early and sustained success."

With this multi-facility deployment, M*Modal will help unify workflows and empower multiple stakeholders at WVU Medicine. M*Modal Fluency Direct provides front-end speech recognition with embedded CAPD functionality for delivering real-time and in-workflow clinical insights to physicians as they dictate or type in more than 120 EHRs. Used with M*Modal CDI Engage, this closed-loop documentation solution continually analyzes the clinical note, suggests improvements in quality and compliance, and reports on physician engagement with the system. M*Modal Fluency for Transcription delivers advanced back-end workflow management capabilities.

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