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Nuance Introduces Clinic 360 Suite for Medical Documentation

Clinic 360 integrates speech recognition and transcription to drive improved medical workflows.
By Leonard Klie - Posted Oct 7, 2013
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Nuance Communications today released the Nuance Clinic 360 Suite, a collection of integrated clinical documentation solutions and services specifically designed for doctors' offices and ambulatory clinics.

Nuance Clinic 360, which allows doctors to manage their patient documentation workloads, includes a new core offering, Clinic 360/Transcription. This outsourced transcription service and application enables doctors to securely manage the entire clinical documentation workflow, including dictation, review, editing, and sign-off on patient documents, from their PCs or mobile devices. The Clinic 360 suite also includes Dragon Medical speech recognition technology.

Nuance's Clinic 360 suite is specifically designed to help tackle higher documentation workloads.

"When it comes to capturing the patient note, doctors need a choice in documentation method in order to efficiently and thoroughly capture the nuances of the patient's ailments and care plan," says Susan Sumner, vice president of ambulatory solutions at Nuance, in an email to Speech Technology. "Our Clinic 360 suite gives doctors the option to capture the patient note using voice recognition and self-editing, voice and more traditional transcription services, or even by typing if they so choose."

According to Sumner, the Clinic 360 Suite "will help physician practices and ambulatory clinics drive productivity in the face of growing demand for outpatient services."

As the healthcare industry shifts to value-based care, it's been estimated that more patients will be pushed toward outpatient care. In fact, according to Premier Healthcare Alliance's spring 2013 Economic Outlook, nearly 70 percent of survey participants predicted that their outpatient volume will rise substantially this year compared to 2012.

The release of Nuance Clinic 360 comes at the same time that Nuance announced a new version of Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac available for small and midsized independent doctors' offices. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac helps doctors capture thorough documentation and navigate within the electronic health record (HER) program and other Mac-based applications simply by using their voice. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is compatible with most Mac-based EHRs, is up to 99 percent accurate out of the box, and offers medical vocabularies covering more than 90 specialties.

MacPractice, a Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac reseller partner, has announced immediate availability of Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac to users of MacPractice MD, DC, DDS, and 20/20. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is powered by the same Dragon Medical speech recognition technology used by more than 200,000 doctors today.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac also allows doctors to navigate other Mac-based applications beyond the EHR, such as email messages to other caregivers.

"Using Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac with MacPractice allows me to spend less time typing and more time with patients," said Dr. Alec Goldenberg, a New York oncologist and hematologist, in a statement. "With the demands being placed on physicians, and the disruptions in our typical day-to-day workflow, technology that improves productivity, like Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac and MacPractice, is invaluable. I have been using speech recognition for years in my office, and I see big improvements in this latest version. I especially like using a desktop application as it helps to improve recognition, expands my vocabulary, and I can easily create macros that save time."

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