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SpinVox and eServGlobal team up to deliver Mailis Unified Communications Suite voice messages to mobile devices in the form of text messages.
By Adam Boretz - Posted Sep 29, 2008
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Users of eServGlobal’s Mailis Unified Communications Suite will be able to read voice messages on mobile devices in the form of text messages thanks to a new partnership between voice to text service provider SpinVox and eServeGlobal, a provider of end to end communication and payment solutions.

"This agreement will get SpinVox into the hands of even more enterprise clients – a key market for SpinVox," writes Jonathan Simnett, global communications director at SpinVox, in an email. "The partnership will allow more enterprise employees to see the benefit of getting all their voice messages as text on the one device that they carry with them at all times – their mobile phone - helping them work more productively and efficiently."

Service providers installing eServGlobal’s Mailis Suite—which offers services like push voicemail, voice and video mail, video blogging and voicetext messaging—will have access to SpinVox which will also allow users to respond to voice messages electronically.

Writes Simnett: "Now SpinVox ensures that subscribers will receive voicemails as text and no longer have to phone voicemail services to retrieve and listen to the message and will be able to respond to the call by text, email or voice with just one click." 

"SpinVox believes that its relationship with eServeGlobal will be highly successful as the combination of SpinVox and the Mailis Suite further improves the end-user experience and ultimately unleashes the potential of rich content creation in messaging, particularly enabling new revenue generation from advertising and content resale," Simnett writes.


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