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On the Move

Speech sets its sights on emerging Eastern European markets.

AthletiCo Stretches Its Speech Installation

The physical therapy provider expands its dictation solution to include front-end speech recognition.


Under-the-radar speech news.

Pronexus Partners with Bludis

The deal will expand the availability of Pronexus' rapid application development toolkit for IVR applications in Italy.

This Call Center Solution Delivers

Interactive Intelligence's CIC 3.0 is making it easier for Pizza Pizza to bring tens of millions of orders to customers across Canada.

The Driving Need for More Speech

Two initiatives expand Nuance Communications' reach in the automotive sector.

Nuance's Acquisitions Cement Its Position in Voicemail to Text, Dictation

The company brings its speech technologies to new audiences and devices.


Under-the-radar speech news.

Vendor Deep Dive: Ribbit

Changing the Game: Ribbit enables quantum leaps in productivity.

Nuance and ZTE Establish Strategic Relationship

ZTE will ship Nuance VSuite and Nuance Vocalizer across its global mobile phone portfolio.

Inphonite Launches InphoniteVoice 2010

The messaging system for medical practices is available as a SaaS or an on-premise solution.

Clemson Researchers Deliver Hands-Free, Speech-Enabled Messaging

An application from Juan Gilbert and his team at Clemson University aims to increase driver safety via speech technology.

Nuance VSuite Speech Software Now Available In China and Brazil

VSuite will allow Chinese and Brazilian users to speak commands on the Dell Mini 3i and Dell Mini 3iX.

PhoneFactor Offers Three-Factor Authentication Via Voice Biometrics

The company's integrated voiceprint verification services enable heightened security.

A Preference for Speech

A healthcare provider switches from typing to transcription.

Speech Claws Its Way Forward

A slow speech recovery will follow a slow economic recovery.

Speech Analytics Expected to Continue Rapid Growth

DMG's 2009-2010 Speech Analytics Market Report predicts increases through 2013.


Under-the-radar speech news

Nexidia Launches ESI—Quality for Contact Centers

The application offers new features that tie agent performance improvement directly into strategic corporate initiatives.

ParkMobile and VoltDelta Deliver Speech-Enabled Parking Solution

The solution allows drivers to pay parking meters via a cell phone and voice recognition technology.

DMG Consulting Report: Speech Analytics Continues To Grow Rapidly

The consulting firm releases its 2009-2010 Speech Analytics Market Report and predicts continued annual growth in the coming years.

Nuance Powers AT&T Voicemail to Text

The service allows users to read mobile voicemail on their computers or mobile phones.

Genesis Technologies Offering Dragon Medical 10.1

The solution helps reduce transcription costs and assists doctors' transition to electronic medical record systems.

Call Genie Partners with StatsFone

The solution will allow sports fans to vote for the player of the game via speech technology.


Under-the-radar speech news.

Speech Primed for Future Elections

Voting system's creator looks to the federal government for support as he continues to improve the voice-based functionality of Prime III.

The Great Debate

Are standards and universal commands necessary in VUI design?

Nexidia Launches ESI—Monitor and Agent Assist

The solutions provide real-time analytics and agent support in contact centers.

Me2me Partners with MeMeMe to Power Web and Voice Applications

Voice-to-SMS will be the first me2me application enabled by MeMeMe speech-to-text.

SpinVox and Mutare Software Team Up to Deliver Visual Voice

The companies' joint offering, Mutare EVM with SpinVox STT, is available in Nortel CallPilot Unified Messaging.

A New Kind of House Call

Outbound messaging lets medical professionals enter the home in a whole new way.

Multiple Means of Support

CosmoCom enables the University of Kentucky to support disparate healthcare operations.

Companies Can Create Digital Personality with Speech Technology

As customers gain greater power and impact on brands, companies need to use a variety of touchpoints to develop a digital personality.


Under-the-radar speech news/

Speech Keeps Students Safe During Hurricane Season

New Caribbean clients are keeping students safe and informed with mass notification.

Nexidia Introduces ESI—Capture

The solution is aimed at streamlining the implementation of speech analytics in the contact center.

BlueAnt Releases Q1 Voice-Controlled Headset in Canada

As new hands-free laws go into effect in Canada, Blue Ant's offers a hands-free driving experience. Integrates Survey Tools from Clicktools

Survey Solutions will enables companies to assess and drive caller satisfaction.

ClickFox Partners with Greenplum

The partnership looks to enable companies to better manage and analyze customer experience.

Blackboard Connect Keeps Schools Safe during Hurricane Season

New Caribbean clients are keeping students safe and informed with mass notification.

Nuance Acquires Voicemail-to-Text Provider Jott

The deal adds to Nuance's position in the mobile voice services arena.


Under-the-Radar Speech News.

The 2009 Star performers

The 2009 Implementation Awards

The 2009 Market Leaders

Speech Is My Copilot

Continental Airlines dishes on its partnership with Voxify and its success with speech technology.

Companies Can Create Digital Personality with Speech Technology

As customers gain greater power and impact on brands, companies need to utilize a variety of touchpoints to develop digital personality.

Customers Are Now Social Customers

Paul Greenberg provides advice for businesses interacting with a new breed of customers in his keynote address at SpeechTEK 09.

Nuance and IBM to Develop Speech Solutions for Ten Industries

IBM names Nuance its preferred business partner for speech technologies and related professional services.

Nuance Acquires Jott

Nuance says the move will expand its mobile portfolio.

Remember Me?

IVRs can—or at least should—develop memories when it comes to past and present interactions.

Voice Picking Delivers for Coca-Cola Enterprises

Datria solution enables distributor to avoid $2 million in costs


Under-the-radar speech news.

TDI Selects Nuance as New Speech Technology Partner

TDI's Liberation platform features Nuance's RealSpeak TTS engine.

Sheridan Institute Deploys Emergency Notification System Based on Cisco UAE

The system is the first of its kind in North America and serves the school's more than 15,000 students and faculty members on three campuses.

Sensory Launches Truly Hands-Free Voice Control for Bluetooth Devices

The release allows users to use speech to control Bluetooth devices resulting in a safer in-vehicle experience.

Yap Releases iPhone SDK

The release addresses consumer demand for voice interfaces on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Nexidia Adds Partners To Its Center of Excellence Program

U.S. Cellular, Ventura, and Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania are the latest additions to the program.


Under-the-radar speech industry news

Helping Students Help Themselves

A speech application helps new students adjust to college life.

Speech Tech University

What college students are learning today, and what employers need to look for.

SpeechCycle Introduces Vendor-Independent Grammar Factory

The offering will automatically tune and enrich IVRs and voice applications.

Tellme It Ain’t So: McCue to Leave Speech Recognition Company He Co-Founded

Zig Serafin will take the helm of the Microsoft speech subsidiary in June.

Convergys Launches Voice Authentication Solution

The solution requires no hardware or license purchase and is IVR-platform agnostic. Releases Spring Forward

The solution aims to help businesses enhance the call center experience for customers.

Freedom in the Field

Speech is finding a home far outside the call center.

A Thing of Beauty

Spas and salons benefit from an IVR to confirm appointments.

Out of the Outsourcing Business

A dictation solution lets a healthcare system bring transcription back in house, creating a $1 million windfall.

CosmoCom Launches Six Products in One Month

The company upgrades its IP unified communications suite with a host of new offerings, including a smartphone.


Under-the-radar speech news

Nuance Communications Launches Technical Certification Program

The program is aimed at enabling partners to better support Nuance's enterprise solutions.

Lyrix Chooses Loquendo for Its Flagship Solution

The company's Mobiso will feature Loquendo TTS and ASR.

TradeHarbor and Voxeo Announce Voice Authentication Partnership

TradeHarbor's Voice Signature Service is now available on the Voxeo platform.

Genesys Launches Cross Channel Conversations

The initiative aims to connect e-services, contact centers, and next-generation communications into a single customer conversation.

AppTek Grows Its Sphere of Influence

The company integrates hybrid machine translation, speech recognition, name entity identification, and multilingual information retrieval into its media monitoring solution.

CFTC Selects Nexidia for Audio Review

The U.S. regulatory agency signs an enterprise license agreement for use in its trading investigations.

Quicktate Launches TweetCall for Twitter

The new service allows Twitter users to post tweets via voice over the phone.


Under-the-radar speech news

I'm Sorry, Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That

Natural Language 2009: A Speech Odyssey

CA Taps Verizon Business for Global Unified Communications and Collaboration Platform

The solution is aimed at enabling the company to better serve its customers worldwide.

Comverse Trying to Bring Visual Voicemail to BlackBerrys

The company's latest visual voicemail solution could deliver messages to the smartphone's inbox complete with vital information about the voicemail and caller.

CosmoCom Debuts CosmoCall Universe Version 6

CosmoCom offers the most far reaching update in its history and enables enterprise-wide unified customer communications.

David Rennyson Named New President and COO of

His ascension follows the resignation of former president Michael Zirngibl.

TuVox Offers New Deal for Speech Application Ownership

An accelerated ROI program aims to help companies invest in speech during tough economic times.

Verizon Wireless Launches TALKS for Customers with Visual Impairments

The new offering uses TTS to read messages, assist with menu navigation, and much more.

Message Technologies Launches MTI Natural Chat

The company says the offering eliminates entry barriers for natural language IVR applications because developers no longer have to build complex grammars and create back-end artificial intelligence.

AppTek Launches Hybrid Machine Translation Software

The solution provides advances in translation software via a combination of statistical and rule-based methodologies.

Loquendo Releases New Versions of Speech Engine, SDK, TTS

The new releases offer additional features and aim to give designers more control.

Loquendo Releases VoxNauta 7.1.0

The company makes available the new version of its VoiceXML/CCXML platform.

Microsoft Launches Mobile Voice Search Application

Microsoft Recite makes use of voice pattern matching and is now available for Windows mobile devices.

Enkata Launches First-Call Resolution Cloud Computing Service

The new FCR Metric Plug-in provides access to Enkata's FCR algorithm and delivers cloud-based services to call centers.

Ditech to Deliver Voice-Based Web Interaction during Mobile Calls

The new network-based platform will allow users to utilize voice commands to access the Web during mobile phone calls.

Implementation Strategies 2009

A complete guide to deploying speech.

Transcription Solution Receives a Radiant Review

A hospital network's radiology department improves report turnaround time by 81 percent.


Under-the-radar speech news

Voice Elements Integrates Cepstral TTS

.NET telephony tool is now available with affordable text-to-speech software. Phone-Enables SugarCRM with Hosted IVR

With's SugarCRM Connector Solutions Suite, SugarCRM users can access, collect, and update customer information via the phone.

SpeechCycle Launches Platform-as-a-Service Model

RPA OnDemand is a unified platform providing services for the composition, enterprise integration, on-demand delivery, and performance measurement of rich phone applications.

SVOX Acquires Siemens' Speech Unit

The deal allows the company to expand into speech recognition and speech dialogue solutions.

Speech Cards Now Available As a Beta Test

Resorb Networks releases public beta of BlindSpeak, which lets users send synthesized messages to anyone, anywhere.

Avaya Solutions Integrate with IBM Lotus Suite

Companies integrate their solutions to simplify the user experience and increase worker productivity through unified communications.

Nuance Locks in IBM to Advance Speech Solutions

Nuance buys IBM speech patents and looks to combine IBM technologies with its own for enhanced speech solutions.

Telrex Offers Pay-As-You-Go Analytics

Company's new service gives business intelligence without the high price tag.

PSC Launches Automated Patient Communication Solutions

CALLERExpress provides on-demand voice applications for healthcare providers and their patients.

Forensic Call Search Service Launches

Iocallfinder recognizes and indexes recorded conversations, allowing for call categorization and forensic searching based on spoken content.

Fonix Expands Speech to More Game Platforms

Playing off the success of its voice controls for Tom Clancy's End War, Fonix expands on and improves its VoiceIn SDK.

With TTS, Tim Speaks to the Blind

Telecom Italia provides TIM Mobile Speak and TIM Mobile Magnifier, accessible solutions based on Code Factory and Loquendo technologies, free to all its clients.

VCG Launches Biometric Payments System

New service offers biometrically authorized payments via phone.

Vangard Extends Its Voice with Nuance Engine

Mobile Voice Platform leverages VoCon 3200 speech engine to voice-enable commercial and government activities.

Visual Self Service Storms Into the 3G Mobile Arena

SpeechStorm unveils visual IVR applications that add a new dimension to the caller experience.

AVST Offers Voicemail Archiving for E-Discovery

Company's deal with Symantec helps users meet regulatory compliance requirements.

With iLane I Hear My Email in My Car

IMS chooses Loquendo ASR and TTS to power its iLane in-vehicle email- and text-reading solution.

Ready for the New Telemarketing Rules?

Ifbyphone is deploying enhanced tools to make it easier for companies to comply with the new Federal Trade Commission Telemarketing Sales Rule.

Vicorp Automated Voice Authentication Is Unveiled

Vicorp introduces a new speech self-service solution portfolio focused on credit card fraud prevention.

Google Brings Voice Search To iPhone

An update for the Google Mobile App for iPhone allows users to perform speech-enabled searches.

ATX Voice-Enables Web Search Behind the Wheel

A new multimodal application from ATX lets users search the Web from inside their cars.

Moshi Introduces IVR Clock

The new touch-free alarm clock features TimeSet technology that allows users to set the time and alarm by voice.

Alelo To Develop Speech-Enabled Learning Portal For ESL Students

Alelo is developing an interactive, web-based, speech-enabled learning portal for students of English as a second language after winning a contract from the US Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Waiting by the Phone

Why the U.S. watches and waits as Europe and Asia roll out interactive voice and video response technology.

Self-Service Becomes Multichannel

A wireless carrier adds text capabilities to its IVR channel to expand customer choice.

Google's GAUDI Indexes Audio

The Internet search giant releases a took that makes audio in election-related videos searchable.

University Project Could Yield a New Mobile Speech Application

MIT Researchers are developing a wheelchair that will navigate on its own in response to voice commands.


Under-the-radar speech news.

Social Technologies Can Deliver What Customers and Businesses Need

Forrester analyst and author Josh Bernoff suggests that businesses can help customers help each other, and those businesses can benefit in the process.

Purpose, Passion, and People Make Businesses Beloved

Author and consultant calls delivering a memory at the point of contact critical to bringing people back.

Know What Your Customers Really, Really Want

Driving self-service means understanding customer experience and desires, Nuance Conversations keynoter says.

Mock Election Showcases Voice-Enabled Voting Machine

A revolutionary multimodal speech and touch-screen voting system is used to hold a mock presidential election at Auburn University.

MacSpeech Updates Dictation Software

New features make the software more accurate over time.

CallCopy Extends Reseller Partnerships

CallCopy today introduced updates to its channel program aimed at making it more profitable for resellers to offer Call Copy's contact center solutions to customers.

OnviSource Introduces Explora Speech Analytics Software

New speech analytics solution is incorporated into company's OnviCenter 6 suite of customer interaction management solutions.

Experian Partners with SmartReply to Improve Marketing Strategies

A new partnership will help marketers expand into mobile channels.

Columbia Bank Chooses Contact Solutions For Shared IVR Services

Financial services firm moves from a self-hosting to a shared IVR system.

Movistar and SpinVox Bring Speech-To-Text to Latin America

Movistar Chile and SpinVox team up to offer voice-to-text service in Chile.

Global Connect and EPP Partner on Automated Billing and Paying IVR

Global Connect and Electronic Payment Providers partner to create an IVR that will allow customers to useautomated payment capabilities.

Former Hacker Tackles IVR and Voice Biometric Security

SpeechTEK's Wednesday keynoter details how easy it can be for a professional fraudster to trick speech systems.

Market Spotlight: Government

Voice Vote: New Machine Could Revolutionize Elections

Nexidia Is Newest Member Of Genesys Partner Program

Audio search and speech analytics solution provider Nexidia is selected as a new member of the Genesys Partner Program.

SpinVox Teams With eServGlobal To Convert Voicemail To Text Messages

SpinVox and eServGlobal team up to deliver Mailis Unified Communications Suite voice messages to mobile devices in the form of text messages.

MIT Project Could Yield a New Kind of Mobile Speech App

MIT researchers are working to develop a wheelchair that responds to voice commands to automatically steer riders where they want to go.

Adobe and Autonomy Launch Creative Use of Speech

Autonomy's speech analytics solutions will be incorporated into Adobe Create Suite 4 to make searching and indexing audio clips faster and easier.

Nexidia Raises the Analytical Stakes

Company's new ESI version is reportedly faster, more accurate, and gives a clearer picture of customer interactions.

Google Adds Audio to Search Capabilities, Android Is Next

With the release of Google Audio Indexing, the search giant makes videos searchable by audio content through speech-to-text technology.

GotVoice and IVR Technologies Expand Voicemail to Text Service

New partnership brings voicemail unification and transformation-to-text to communication providers.

Hospital Responds to 'Ayudame'

Bayshore Community Hospital will be the first hospital in the United States to adopt Spoken Translation's Converser for Healthcare, English/Spanish.

SpeechTEK Keynoter Highlights the Shrinking Technological World

Noted author and futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts the disappearance of computers in favor of smaller, more portable, and more capable devices.