Nexidia Is Newest Member Of Genesys Partner Program

Nexidia joined an exclusive club this week with its membership in the Genesys Partner Program.

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories selected Nexidia—a provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions—for the program, which will enable Nexidia to leverage Genesys’ technology and industry leadership and extend its reach into the contact center solution market.

"The reason why it’s something exciting for us is we are trying to find ways, with Genesys, to be able to leverage the analytics and real-time monitoring capabilities Nexidia has with the Genesys technology platforms, applications, and services that are provided," says Jon Ezrine, senior vice president of business development at Nexidia. "And we think there’s going to be a lot of synergy between providing real-time speech analytics and using our [Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI)] speech analytics solution to help Genesys customers optimize, analyze, and tune their call center operations."

The Genesys Partner Program, which is designed for independent software vendors interested in facilitating technical integrations and application with the Genesys Product Suite, will also benefit Genesys—which provides contact center software to thousands of companies and government agencies in more than 80 countries. 

Genesys will be able to make use of Nexidia’s speech analytics capabilities and expertise, particularly the company’s diagnostic tools for analyzing and managing contact center performance.

"We have a lot of customers that are using our analytics solution to help improve their call center operations, and Genesys is at the center of a lot of those operations," says Ezrine, who notes Nexidia’s ability to help call centers improve first call resolution and call routing. "So by being partnered with Genesys, it allows us to make sure that there’s a tighter integration between the analysis that we’re doing and the solution that those customers are using."

Ezrine adds, "Genesys customers are looking to make sure that they’re getting the most utility out of the solutions that they’re buying from Genesys.  And so, our analytic solutions help those customers make sure they are getting all the value out of the investments that they’re making in these call center applications they’re buying from Genesys."

Nexidia’s membership in the partner program will also provide the company access to companies that use Genesys’ voice self-service platform and other contact center automation products and services.

"We see [the partnership] allowing us to work closely with Genesys and their customers...to be able to provide analytic services to our combined customers," Ezrine says. "The other thing that we see happening in the future is taking advantage of our real-time monitoring capabilities. So our real time capabilities allow us to listen to calls as they’re happening, to notify agent supervisors or other constituents in the organization when something is said or something happens on a phone call. And the future of this partnership is going to allow us to leverage that real-time notification into and with these other Genesys applications."

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