Lyrix Chooses Loquendo for Its Flagship Solution

Lyrix, a provider of speech-enhanced directories for use as speech attendants and speech-assisted mobile address books, and Loquendo are teaming up to bring Loquendo speech technology to Mobiso—the Lyrix flagship solution.

According to Lyrix, its PeopleFind platform creates a numberless enterprise and reduces the cost and inefficiency of communicating. Mobiso is a hosted service—both in the cloud and the premise—that runs on the PeopleFind directory, makes connecting with people easier, and offers speech recognition assistance for safe mobile navigation.

And, Stewart Hampton, director of sales and marketing at Lyrix, calls numberless enterprise a “key tenant” of the company’s product.

“There are too many phone numbers and too many contacts and too many social network addresses,” Hampton says. “And Mobiso is really pulling all that together into one interface where you just say a name and regardless of the location or the mode of communication it's just going to get you in touch with that person right away.”

Now, Mobiso users can utilize Loquendo automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS), which, coupled with Lyrix Logical Choice technology and a proprietary Lyrix Master Dictionary, mean accurate recognition results.

Hampton says Lyrix had previously supported Nuance Communications’ ASR and TTS on PeopleFinder. But when the company began to develop its next generation platform—Mobiso—it wanted to look at other alternatives and “make our platform speech engine agnostic.”

After performing some technical evaluations and testing, Lyrix decided to go with Loquendo—which Hampton describes as “price competitive” and effective.

“We just don’t want to get tied to one speech engine technology,” he says. “Although we do recognize a lot of people have Nuance, a lot of people are looking for alternatives as well.”

According to Lyrix, the Mobiso service is the most advanced speech-assisted directory for business. Mobiso comes with a proprietary Day2 Service to ensure a continuously upgraded mobile user experience by monitoring and improving automatically any failed utterances.

And, Hampton sees the partnership between Lyrix and Loquendo as possibly paving the way for future collaboration.

“We see Loquendo as being very active in the marketplace,” he says. “They’re doing a lot of new languages and they’re also getting into verticals as well. We believe it’s a good marketing approach….We think that through Loquendo we can get access into some of these vertical markets.

“This achievement—to be able to work together on this Mobiso application is a great starting point and we’re going to see where it takes us,” he adds. “I think it’s only onwards and upwards from this point forward.”

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