AVST Offers Voicemail Archiving for E-Discovery

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies (AVST) yesterday named Symantec's Enterprise Vault as the backup and archiving solution for its CallXpress flagship unified communications solution. 

In a move that will enable CallXpress users to meet new regulatory compliance requirements for the storage of voicemail messages, AVST will leverage Vault Solutions’ Archive Accelerator to store CallXpress voicemail messages in Symantec Enterprise Vault. The Enterprise Vault, a software-based archiving platform, then manages and enables discovery of the archived data.  

With regulatory compliance requirements becoming an important issue for companies, the need for voicemail archiving solutions is on the rise, with many companies regarding voicemail as part of the discovery process. “If you’re in a situation where you need to retain messages and retain communications, usually it’s associated with a lawsuit,” says Tom Minifie, chief technology officer at AVST. “There’s some legal issue that has arisen and you need to produce communications. 

“What we’ve done here is really provided people an easy way to adhere to that,” he adds, stressing the importance of a retention policy for both email and voicemail messages. 

To take advantage of the new archiving solution, CallXpress users will need to purchase Archive Accelerator—an application that manages message retention for companies using Symantec Enterprise Vault—from Vault Solutions. 

“There are a lot of archive solutions out there in the market place, of which Symantec’s Enterprise Vault is a leader in that space,” Minifie says. “To date, they’ve been focused primarily on archiving of email messages, and they really haven’t touched voice messages.  So what we’ve done is created an integration essentially using the Vault Solutions product to take messages out of our voice server and place them into the Enterprise Vault solution so that then you can create specific retention policies.” 

With Archive Accelerator, all voicemail messages stored on the CallXpress server will link to Symantec Enterprise Vault for archiving, storage, and discovery. 

“The Enterprise Vault is really a database that allows you to store and categorize this data, whether it’s voice messages or email,” Minifie says. “So the whole concept is its going to store these messages and have different search criteria on them…And the Archive Accelerator enhances that search capability and enhances the variation and retention policies that you can have.”

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