GotVoice and IVR Technologies Expand Voicemail to Text Service

A new partnership between voice messaging company GotVoice and software developer IVR Technologies is bringing voicemail-to-text and voicemail unification solutions to providers around the world, the companies announced today.   

The partnership makes it possible for service providers to integrate IVR’s flagship product, Talking SIP—which combines five traditionally separate network elements into a single integrated server for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based voice-over-IP networks—into Got Voice’s G2 platform. This allows Talking SIP voicemail messages to be transcribed into text without a change in either carrier or caller behavior.

"IVR is one of about a dozen companies we have that are implementing [voice-to-text] solutions using our different ways to integrate," says Bruce Peterson, vice president of applications at GotVoice. "GotVoice has taken its own retail voice-to-text solution and come up with different ways we can offer it to enterprise and service providers of all types. And what we wanted to do was make it easy for them to integrate it into their own solution offerings as well as rebrand it and offer it as their own VtoT solution."

Users will be able to read voicemail messages and listen to them as digital audio files via email, a mobile phone, or the Web through IVR Technologies’ use of G2—GotVoice's next-generation voicemail unification and transformation-to-text platform—with advanced free-form speech recognition technologies that unify mobile, home, PBX, VoIP and IP-based PBX voice messages.

"What this will mean to users is they can easily add voice-to-text and a whole bundle of the IVR VoIP-based services easily and in one place," Peterson says. "There are a lot of voicemail systems and PBX solutions that have the ability to forward voicemail as an email. We have an interface so we basically intercept those emails and then transcribe the voicemail to text and then deliver the email to the end user with the text and audio attached."

The GotVoice G2 platform can support millions of users with a carrier-grade transcription engine capable of interoperating with all major voice and VoIP carriers. The solution has already accessed tens of millions of messages pulled from legacy voicemail servers run by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and Alltel. 

"Any providers, carriers, voicemail vendors, anyone that offers voicemail service—we’re trying to make it super easy to be able integrate voice-to-text into their service offerings," Peterson says.

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