Nexidia Launches ESI—Quality for Contact Centers

Nexidia is making it easier for contact centers to better analyze and improve agent performance.

The company today launched Nexidia ESI—Quality, the latest component of its flagship Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) software suite.

ESI—Quality enables contact centers to tap into all recorded customer interactions and apply speech analytics to measure agent performance. 

Typically, quality monitoring in contact centers is a manual process that relies on a random sampling of calls for each agent—a process that can result in an incomplete view of performance and customer issues. 

According to Nexidia, ESI—Quality solves this problem. The solution leverages Nexidia’s phonetic indexing and search technology to provide quantitative analysis of data sets. Additionally, the solution allows for coaching and performance management within contact centers.

“Existing quality monitoring systems have issues with getting clear analysis across all agent activities, as they are designed to focus on individual agent behavior,” says Jeff Schlueter, vice president of marketing and business development for Nexidia. “They aren't tied to corporate objectives. That's why we took our solution to the next level.”

According to John Willcutss, president and chief executive officer of Nexidia, the company's trademark has been its ability to provide scalable speech analytics solutions that extract relevant intelligence from customer interactions.

"With ESI—Quality, Nexidia is extending this intelligence down to the agent level, enabling contact centers to manage agent performance directly in line with corporate objectives," he said in a statement. "This heightens the strategic importance of quality management and its ability to improve the bottom line.”

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