SpinVox and Mutare Software Team Up to Deliver Visual Voice

SpinVox and Mutare Software are teaming up to improve voicemail management via speech-to-text (STT) in the Nortel CallPilot Unified Messaging portfolio.

Mutare EVM with SpinVox Speech-to-Text converts the spoken content of Nortel CallPilot voicemail to text and delivers the message—along with caller name, email, phone number, and optional audio.

The server-based software solution—also known as Visual Voice—merges voice and data into one unified messaging experience and is compatible with any email system or Internet-enabled device.

The solution allows business users to process voicemail up to four times faster and enables them to prioritize, forward, file, copy, and delete converted voicemail messages as they would email messages.

“Today’s business environment is more fast-paced than ever with many workers highly mobile and under constant pressure to multi-task in order to meet urgent project deadlines, service customer needs, or manage partner relationships,” said Ben Crown, CEO of Mutare Software, in a statement. “The SpinVox and Mutare Software powered Visual Voice capability for Nortel CallPilot will be a boon to business users, simplifying day-to-day communications and helping workers be more efficient and productive.”

According to Daniel Hong, lead analyst at Ovum, voicemail transcription is slowly and steadily on the rise among enterprise workers and consumers. However, he says it will take time before the service hits critical mass within the enterprise.

Hong suggests much of the success of voicemail transcription in the enterprise will depend on both packaging the technology with private branch exchange and hosted telephony services and providing economical price points in this recessionary economy. 

Hong also cites increasing adoption of smart phones supporting SMS, chat, and email as a challenge to voicemail transcription services.  He suggests that as the use of smart phones increases, the volume of voicemails may decrease—thus lessening the need for voicemail transcription.

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