Genesys Launches Cross Channel Conversations

Genesys, yesterday, launched Cross Channel Conversations, an initiative designed to eliminate the silos between different communication channels.

The initiative, announced at the company’s annual G-Force conference, is built on Genesys' Customer Front Door, which, according to David Radoff, director of communications at Genesys, breaks down “barriers between voice self service and talking to a live person.”

“What we learned was that when it comes to the Web and e-services there isn’t that same level of integration,” Radoff says. He adds that, with Cross Channel Conversations, a customer can contact a company via any form of self-service and then transfer to a live agent who “would know who you were and what you were trying to get done rather than you having to go from scratch.”

Cross Channel Conversations is aimed at creating solutions that merge a variety of different communication channels—everything from contact centers to enterprise resources to virtual technologies: the Internet, chat, SMS, video, avatars, virtual assistants, and mobile applications for smartphones.

Genesys will provide companies with an integrated platform to serve as the hub of these interactions, enabling enterprises to better serve customers.

“It’s meant to smooth the path so that when people need to resolve an issue or they want to transact business they won’t feel that the systems are failed and that they’re siloed and give up,” Radoff says. “Our goal with Cross Channel Conversations is to actually integrate all of the main platforms that we and our partners and others out there use. It’s an open initiative to create a single system where everything works.”

According to Radoff, Cross Channel Conversations has been well received by the hundreds of companies in attendance at G-Force. “The reaction has been really strongly positive,” he says.

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