Nexidia Raises the Analytical Stakes

Nexidia is launching Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) 7.0—the next-generation version of the company’s flagship speech analytics solution—and says the product will be generally available by the end of this month.

The latest version of ESI—which enables users to visualize large volumes of audio analysis results, identify trends, and correlate data—makes use of innovative visual reporting tools and improved search performance, scalability, and speed.

"Essentially we’ve cut the total cost of ownership in half by effectively doubling performance in terms of the amount of audio we can handle," says Jeff Schlueter, vice president of marketing at Nexidia. "And the new reporting capabilities have brought a whole new suite of dashboards and drill-down capabilities to provide information for users at every level in the organization."

New dashboards will allow users to pinpoint "hot spots" that drive call volume and advanced reporting features will reveal factors that impact service levels, talk times and agent and team performance. Executives will be able to target improvement areas around high priority issues by using the solution’s call categorization methodology.

ESI 7.0 boasts the fastest available indexing speed in the market—more than 20,000 hours per day on a single server—and will give organizations the ability to gain immediate customer insight and take a proactive approach to business intelligence.

"The big benefits with speech analytics come in when you start choosing the information to get real business intelligence," Schlueter says. "And that’s what folks are starting to do now, using these tools to really get information like competitive upsell information—what are my competitors doing, what are customers saying about my competitors, what kind of information are they providing in these calls that I can glean and turn into new product information or new product formulations?"

Schlueter says customers are already seeing the benefits of this new version of ESI. "We’ve just started deploying the new version," he says. "We’re still in the early launch phase, but so far the results are very favorable, and people seem to be really appreciating what we’ve done."

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