TDI Selects Nuance as New Speech Technology Partner

TDI, a provider of agent productivity solutions for contact centers, is partnering with Nuance Communications to integrate Nuance's RealSpeak text-to-speech (TTS) engine into its Liberation platform.

Liberation is a technology platform that manages all aspects of the customer/agent interaction within the contact center. With the new partnership, Liberation customers will have access to spoken alerts, spoken payment reminders, and spoken appointment verifications via Nuance's TTS engine.

According to Rachel Sauerbrey, marketing communications manager at TDI, the partnership between the two companies came about due to TDI’s desire to help its customers improve efficiency.

“We have many customers who work in the collections and financial industries and text-to-speech just provides them with another vehicle to help increase revenues in terms of increasing their collection rates,” Sauerbrey says, praising the Nuance solution.  “[RealSpeak is] a very flexible system and extremely easy to use from an end-user perspective.”

According to TDI, users will have the ability to convert text into high quality speech, helping to generate additional revenues and enhance employee productivity.  Sauerbrey points to the freeing up of live agents during sales campaigns as an example of this increased productivity.

“You’re going to be taking those agents that would have otherwise been on those live campaigns and use them in a more productive environment and have the calls automatically going out through our predictive dialer,” she says. “That’s going to greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of the contact center as a whole.”
Sauerbrey says the partnership will help TDI’s customers optimize collection processes, increase collection rates, generate additional revenues, and improve customer satisfaction.

“It’s going to reduce the inbound call volume by proactively calling customers,” she says. “It will greatly improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs.”

Additionally, Sauerbrey praises the partnership as beneficial to both TDI and Nuance.

“It’s a great mutual partnership because it’s going to help our base customers and it’s also going to help us attract new customers and the same with Nuance,” she says. “We’re going to be helping them generate new customers and new profits.”

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