CallCopy Extends Reseller Partnerships

CallCopy today introduced updates to its channel program aimed at making it more profitable for resellers to offer Call Copy’s contact center solutions to customers.

The channel program allows companies to resell CallCopy’s cc:Discover product—which includes call recording, quality monitoring, hosted customer satisfaction surveys, and screen capture utilities. CallCopy’s solutions are compatible with both Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and TDM phones, and have the ability to blend VoIP and TDM recording in a single server.

With the new updates in place, distributors have more service and support options, including three tiers of reseller agreements: silver, gold and platinum.

"Our program is geared to rewarding [resellers] with certain incentives and different tiered discount levels based on the size of their company, the products they sell," says Ed Porter, director of partner programs at CallCopy. "And how many opportunities they’re bringing CallCopy into is going to warrant the different tiered approach…The different levels—the silver, gold and platinum levels—that we have are going to warrant what benefits and perks they get."

Channel partners can take advantage of CallCopy’s sales and technical support, joint marketing efforts, sponsorship opportunities, shared marketing collateral, and sales materials.  Porter notes that companies can graduate from level to level depending on their sales performance and are able to choose their desired level of services, certification, and support. 

According to Porter, the silver level provides resellers a 20 percent discount on list prices, assistance with demonstrations, sales support and post-installation technical support; the gold level gives resellers a higher discount level, bonuses based on sales goals, additional post-installation support, and installation training and certification; and the platinum entitles resellers to these services and potential customer lead sharing.

"CallCopy has been growing over the past several years and as we’ve experienced growth the distributor or the channel program is definitely something that can warrant a lot more of a return, a lot more exposure and get our product out there with people that are already selling that type of product," Porter says. "So this is kind of two-fold benefit.  One for us and two for the resellers to be able to offer a product of our caliber at an affordable price point compared to the competition." 

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